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Event description:

ON-DEMAND recording, immediately available to watch.

Limited time only – purchase and watch before 1 October 2021

This is a workshop for mental health professionals who work with people from separated families and have no intention of ever going near a court room or doing court-involved work. This workshop is aimed at helping YOU help your CLIENT so they can also stay well away from the courtroom, and focus on building a life of connection and thriving.

Most families are fine two-years post separation, and the outcomes for the majority of children are excellent. But what about those who are having a harder time? Sorting out conflict from violence; reasonable boundaries from gate-keeping; facilitation of parent relationships with someone the client can’t stand or is still wounded by; children learning how to transition between two homes and love two people who no longer love each other; parents who have successfully left their relationship but are still obligated to engage with their co-parent. There is nothing easy about navigating separation, so it’s reasonable that many families seek mental health support for themselves and their children in this time.

In this experiential workshop, mental health professionals will learn:

  • Factors that are most protective for children, and those that elevate their risks
  • The different types of conflict, how to assess, and how that influences intervention
  • Key issues to consider to ensure your therapy supports rather than inadvertently hinders the family, and protects the client (and the practitioner!) from family court involvement
  • Therapist variables that makes things better – or worse – for your client
  • The role of psychological inflexibility in maintaining conflict, and flexible therapy solutions within an Acceptance & Commitment Therapy framework to move families from conflict to collaboration, no matter which part of the system you’re working with
  • Resources to make your job easier when working with this vulnerable population

CPD Hours:

2.5 hrs