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From the Lips of Those with Autism, on World Autism Awareness Day

For Autism Awareness Day I’m just going to share with you some of my favourite quotes ABOUT autism, by those who HAVE autism. Continue reading

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When Your Ex Takes Your Kids to a Psych

If you are interested in the healthy development of your child – and the overwhelming majority of parents are – then you have nothing to fear, and a lot for your child to gain, from your child seeing the psychologist your ex has chosen. The psychologist is interested in assisting, as much as possible, your child to have a healthy relationship with BOTH of you. This may be the very opportunity you’ve needed. You might even want to thank your ex. Continue reading

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How to talk to your kid about seeing a Psych

This would have to be one of the questions I’m asked most often by concerned parents.  They have reached the point of deciding psychologist support is a useful step for their child, but Oh!  How to broach that topic???  It’s … Continue reading

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Getting to “Sorry”

Many years ago, friends of mine were adjusting to having their second baby at home.  They were distressed that their older child seemed to delight in hurting their newest family member.  They asked her why she kept hitting/pushing/pinching her sister.  Her … Continue reading

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