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Sitting in the Mire

Whether you have trained in Emotion Coaching, Circle of Security, or Triple P, almost all parenting approaches include the importance of soothing and validating emotions before moving into problem solving – and indeed, children are excellent at solving their own … Continue reading

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Resources and Recommendations for Separating and Separated Parents

There are many decisions to make and negotiations to step through with someone you used to love and now have different (and possibly many) feelings towards. Be gentle and kind with yourself in this process. Here are my top recommendations to parents navigating the aftermath of separation. Continue reading

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Give up on Happiness

It’s early morning and Toothless is distressed. “There are THREE mornings I have to go to school early.  I don’t want to!” he tells me. I’m not a morning person either – he has a sympathetic ear with me. I … Continue reading

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From the Lips of Those with Autism, on World Autism Awareness Day

For Autism Awareness Day I’m just going to share with you some of my favourite quotes ABOUT autism, by those who HAVE autism. Continue reading

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Parenting by the Seat of Our Pants

That’s what today’s felt like – parenting by the seat of my pants.  People comment sometimes that what with being a clin psych with a wealth of training and experience with development, parenting, and families, that being a parent must … Continue reading

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