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“I was just trying to help” – Five Tips that will actually work

Let me tell you a little something about me. I bet you’ll recognise a piece of you too. When I was 18 I moved back home. I had been a Big Independent Adult for 12 months, but my parents had … Continue reading

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Understanding Family Therapy for Separated Families

Parenting Orders can have blunt statements directing that parents “be restrained and an injunction granted restraining the parties from denigrating the other party”; and “use their best endeavors to reach agreements” – but how do you actually do that? That’s a skill-development process, and belongs in the therapy room, not the court room. Continue reading

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Resources and Recommendations for Separating and Separated Parents

There are many decisions to make and negotiations to step through with someone you used to love and now have different (and possibly many) feelings towards. Be gentle and kind with yourself in this process. Here are my top recommendations to parents navigating the aftermath of separation. Continue reading

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