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This is what it looks like to follow my call

It’s been a long hiatus between posts on The Same Mountain. I haven’t been in hibernation, and I have been busy! This update will largely come as a “but of course” for those who have known me for some time and “we know already” for those who follow me closely.

My wish for each of my clients in our work together is that I may support people to listen to the yearnings of their heart, connect with their deepest values, and take courageous actions even when they’re scary and even if it disappoints people. I do not want my clients to live small for the sake of anyone else. Their life’s calling is too important.

My heart yearns to resource and support children and families, to break out of broken systems, to heal the scars of multi-generations of trauma, and to create environments where differences are celebrated and not labelled disordered, so that children can grow up slow and secure, adults and families can thrive, and we can all join the tidal wave of positive change across the globe.

A Calling I Could Not Ignore

One of the areas where I see the greatest need and the fewest resources is for families navigating the early stages of separation. So it was that I began serving this community. First through court-mandated therapy, then adding in low-level subscription-based email support, and finally, last year, launching my new coaching business, Co-Parenting Companion.

Over the summer break, as our family reflected on this mission, we realised that the work of Co-Parenting Companion is too important to be a “Side Hustle”. We realised it was time for me to start winding back clinical work to increase my scope to truly build Co-Parenting Companion as a first-stop, prevention-based, accessible intervention before families get lost in the financial quagmire and trauma that is Family-Court-Land. Children and families are stuck there NOW. There isn’t time to waste.

It was time for me to move home.

If you’ve followed me on socials, or caught up with me in anyway in the past three years, it’s likely you know exactly how much I have loved the professional home that Three Waters has provided for me. Realising that I needed to move out caught even me by surprise, and telling our clinic directors, James and Jamie, was super hard. I have always been privileged to work with the most amazing, passionate, committed, values-driven colleagues, and nowhere has this been more true than at Three Waters. For my fellow mental health professionals, if you’re looking for a clinic where you are supported, nurtured, celebrated for geeking out, and an environment where autonomy is respected and “Family Comes First” is modelled, expected and encouraged – Three Waters is your Dream!

Co-Parenting Companion is a Coaching business in its own right and not a psychological therapy service, so it could not be run from a therapy premise using resources that belonged to someone else’s business. And so it was that we realised it was time for me to go.

So what does this mean for The Same Mountain?

I love my clinical work – oh my goodness me – so very, very much. While my Coaching Business supports and resources children and teens by working exclusively with parents, I will continue serving my existing child, teen and adult psychology clients at The Same Mountain’s new premises in Willetton.

As I am scaling back my clinical work, it will be some time before I can take on any new clients at The Same Mountain. If you email my admin team, they will be happy to provide you with a list of mental health professionals and clinics that work similarly to me. I can already tell you Three Waters Psychology Clinic is at the top of that list.

If you follow me on socials, you will continue to see The Same Mountain share posts about the topics and resources I’m most fired up about. And when I have time away from Co-Parenting Companion to write about other issues close to my heart, I’ll continue to post them here.

And to my beautiful clients whom I’m privileged to serve – thank you for your many warm messages of encouragement and celebration as I’ve shared this news with you. I am so freaking grateful you chose my couch to sit on. Thank you for sharing your travels with me.

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